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Why You Shouldn’t Worry About a Videographer at Your Wedding

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You may be in a position where you are feeling a little anxious or worried about having a wedding videographer at your wedding. You might not have the experience of being in and around a camera, which is totally natural and normal, so this article is to help you see that this so-called “fear” is no reason to deprive yourself of a wedding film for the ages, that you’ll be able to look back on for many years to come in the future.

To help soothe any fears about hiring a videographer for your wedding, I'll review the typical job of a wedding videographer as well as the top ten reasons why you shouldn’t be worried to have one at your wedding. Let’s dive in..

What Will a Wedding Videographer Do?

A lot of anxiety about having a wedding videographer at your wedding can stem from being unaware of what the actual process looks like. It can be easy to imagine somebody running around with a large camera and powerful lights, or to listen to horror stories from friends and family members who did not select a professional and experienced wedding videographer. However, the typical process of a wedding videographer is actually quite simple.

Most of the time, your videographer will meet with you and your partner at a scheduled appointment before the wedding. You can review what you want and make any special requests. This is great because it allows you to get a clear picture of what to expect!

When it comes to your wedding day, for the ceremony, speeches, and any other more static moments, your videographer will set up their cameras in subtle, casual spaces. For the rest of the day, they will typically walk around casually to record the important moments, and when working with a professional you will notice that they are excellent at blending in. They’re like a fly on the wall, documenting your day entirely naturally and without intrusion.

After the videographer leaves, they will take their footage and craft it into a wonderful wedding film! This process varies a bit depending on who you work with, for example with me, at Cal Demicoli Films, you will be updated on every step of the process and know exactly what to expect.

Reasons Not to Worry About a Wedding Videographer

It is definitely common to have concerns about hiring a videographer on your wedding day, totally natural, just as you are concerned about your photographer and other service providers. However, most (if not all) of these fears can be resolved with the knowledge of how proper, professional wedding videographers actually work. So, here are the top ten reasons that you should not worry about having a videographer at your wedding.

1. (Mostly!) They are like a fly on the wall

A big concern about hiring a wedding videographer is that they will be all over the place, making themselves obvious and taking up noticeable space at your wedding. Whilst some do have a more directed style, others, like me, prefer a more natural, observant approach. Imagining a camera and lights set-up that is impossible to ignore right in the middle of the aisle would make any bride hesitant! But in reality, that is not what most wedding videographers are like at all; they are professional and experts at blending into the background.

Wedding Videographers possess quality cameras and equipment that do not need to take up a lot of attention. They are also adept at capturing the key details without interrupting the process. Part of their job description is being a fly on the wall and recording the best moments without making themselves noticeable. So, if you are worried about constantly seeing your videographer out of the corner of your eye, don’t be! You won’t even know they are there.

2. They are experienced and know the drill

An unprofessional wedding videographer might have questions about where to set up, how to properly record, or how to edit the footage they have captured. While an inexperienced wedding videographer might be a cause of hesitation, the industry is full of professionals who will know exactly what to do. With a trusted wedding videographer, it will quickly become obvious that they are experienced and know exactly what to do. They may even have an assistant to help with smaller tasks.

This experience also combines with the fact that most wedding videographers will meet with you ahead of time and learn exactly what you want. If you want updates as the day goes on, they can provide it. If you want them to blend in completely, they can do that. It is important to remember that experienced videographers have worked on countless weddings before; they will know exactly what to do.

3. You won’t see them “in your face”

Much like how many brides are afraid their wedding videographer will make themselves known and take the spotlight, it is common to be afraid that you will have a camera in your face for your entire wedding day. The nerves, giddiness, and excitement of your ceremony can quickly vanish when you can see yourself being filmed in close capacity. Luckily, this is not something you need to worry about with a professional videographer. Just like how they are experienced and skilled at recording weddings, they are able to deftly record the key moments of your wedding without inserting themselves.

This is also thanks to the fact that your wedding videographer will have high-quality cameras. Unlike recording on a cell phone or cheap device, professional equipment can capture excellent video from a distance. Don’t worry about sharing your vows with someone recording from a few feet away! You will not even notice that your wedding videographer is there.

4. They can collaborate with your photographer

The last thing that any bride wants is to have her photographer and videographer tripping over each other and getting in the way. While both people may be trying to capture similar moments, they are each serious professionals who can operate without bumping into each other’s space. The best thing is that your videographer can also collaborate with your photographer, planning out the day to capture the best for both formats.

Once you have a solid idea about your photographer and your videographer, you can get them in contact with each other so that they can talk amongst themselves. On your wedding day, they will ensure that their set-ups stay within their own boundaries and that every key moment is covered. This collaboration will end up making both the photos and the wedding film turn out better!

5. You can decide on the coverage that you want

When you are viewing your wedding film, you may want to see everything or just a collection of the highlights. It really depends on your own unique requests! Whether you

choose a longer or shorter option, you only want to see the best! This is something that wedding videographers can do when they are editing together the footage after your wedding day. If you don’t want to include your guests filing in or the later half of your reception, make that clear and it will not be found in the final wedding film.

In addition to letting you clarify exactly what you want included in your wedding film, you can let your videographer use their professional editing skills to cut, splice, and polish until you have a beautiful wedding film you will want to watch over and over again. It will be your wedding film done your way!

6. They will meet with you beforehand

The pre-wedding meeting is an incredibly important moment in developing the relationship between you and your wedding videographer. It lets you compare your vision with their capabilities and clearly lay out your expectations and requests. If you are afraid of hiring a wedding videographer who will show up on your wedding day unable to fulfill your needs or understand what you want, then let us calm you down. With the help of the pre-wedding meeting, you will know without a doubt that your wedding videographer is the right person for the job.

Aside from the initial meeting, you and your wedding videographer can stay in constant communication in order to ensure that everything is perfect. On your wedding day, you will be too busy to worry about anything; that is why a wedding planner or member of your wedding party can check in with the videographer on your behalf to check that everything is going well.

7. They are professional editors

It can be easy to assume that all wedding videographers really do is record what happens on your wedding

day. In actuality, they are incredibly busy before, during, and after the big day! Thanks to your pre-wedding meeting, your videographer knows exactly what you want your wedding film to look like. They will use this information to professionally edit the footage and compile only the essentials, producing a high-quality that you will be rewatching for years to come.

The editing process can include putting in your chosen music, cleaning up the audio to capture things such as your vows, and combining all of their footage to produce seamless transitions and a clear story. No matter what you are requesting, your videographer will be able to successfully deliver it after the professional editing process.

8. They can send over the raw footage

Of course, sometimes you will want to appreciate the entire thing - unpolished, raw, and completely real. In addition to skillful editing, wedding videographers can give you the raw footage of your wedding for you to keep as your own. This gets rid of the fear of missing any part of your wedding day, even the parts that may not have made the final cut of a film. Make sure to clarify this request to your videographer as soon as possible to ensure that the raw footage is saved!

If you are willing to pay extra, you could even request several different pieces of footage: your wedding film, and raw footage of specific moments like your ceremony and reception broken up into different clips. This makes it a bit easier to view the raw versions! Again, just be sure to clear this request with your wedding videographer ahead of time. With the raw footage, you can watch every part of your wedding day in perfect detail - even the imperfect parts!

9. You won’t feel like you are “on camera”

One of the biggest fears that brides have about a wedding videographer at their wedding is that they will feel awkward or nervous in front of the camera. Indeed, it can be nerve wracking to see a camera and feel like you need to look perfect and poised. However, videographers are used to this and will do everything they can to make you feel comfortable and beautiful.

One of the ways that they do this is by blending into the background and capturing the wonderful moments of your wedding silently and professionally. With all of the hustle and bustle of your wedding day going on around you, you will quickly forget any awkwardness - you might even forget the camera is there entirely!

10. They want your wedding to be just as beautiful as you do

Finally, you should get a wedding videographer for your wedding because they want your perfect day to be just as beautiful as you do! Rather than one more moving piece to figure out, a videographer is another member of your team working hard to give you the best wedding possible. All of their professionalism and experience will be extremely valuable on your big day!

In addition, wedding videographers can help ensure that you have a beautiful wedding day to look back on. The editing and footage for your wedding film will be gorgeous, and watching it will remind you only of the most special moments of your wedding day. You will not just be a happy bride, but a very satisfied customer who is ecstatic about their quality wedding film.

Schedule a Meeting With a Wedding Videographer Today!

As you can see, a wedding videographer will make an excellent addition to your wedding day. Concerns such as behaviour and professionalism will disappear with a talented and reputable videographer like me, here at Cal Demicoli Films.

With clear communication and a good idea about what you want, you can guide your videographer throughout the day. However, truly professional wedding videographers will be able to give you the perfect wedding day (and wedding film) just as you would expect.


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