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Where does videography sit in your wedding planning timeline?

First and foremost, congratulations on your engagement. Your marriage together is such a wonderfully unique and special thing and I'm grateful to you for using this blog post to consider where you should go next. I hope it helps!

Whilst I really do think this day is yours and your partners, I can only encourage you to relax throughout the journey. You'll reflect on your wedding journey so much more favourably if you allow yourself to relax and enjoy the journey. There's plenty of time to do everything you need to do, so do it with a smile, and no sweat.

Something that I thought might help you is a Wedding Planning Timeline. Yes, I'm a videographer, and I hope to be able to capture your day to cherish for many years to come, but there a lots of moving parts that can be easier to contemplate if you look at them all laid out in an orderly graphic. Right click and save if you'd like to use it!

  1. Get Engaged: You did it, now time to start planning. Here's to you using this graphic to support you along your journey. :)

  2. Consider your budget: You'll gain clarity in decision-making along the entire process if you know how much you have to spend from the outset. Work out your budget, and always factor in a little extra for various items that may pop up along the way.

  3. Guest List: This task is one of the first things you should consider as it'll have an impact on the venues that you'll go about selecting for your ceremony and reception.

  4. Venue: The earlier the better! With your venue selected, it'll make everything else so much easier. Having your date confirmed will allow you to progress with clarity as you move forward in your communications with other vendors. Stowe is one of our favourite venues in Buckinghamshire.

  5. Ceremony: Have a think about the type of service that you'd like, book your church, or officiant, and sort the finer details of your marriage, like your wedding license.

  6. Photography and videography: Seasoned wedding photo/videographers tend to get booked up very far in advance, quite often up to one year ahead of time, so as soon as you have the above confirmed, these should be your next move. Demicoli Productions deliver beautifully composed, story driven wedding films crafted with you and your partner in mind. Enquire here.

  7. Your dress: Take your family and/or friends with you to shop. When you've found your dress, you can start to think about bridesmaids dresses too.

  8. Flowers: If cut flowers are your preferred (other sustainable options available too, like button bouquets), try to meet with your florist to make sure they understand exactly what your day looks like and what you're looking for.

  9. Stationery: Usually your stationery will be the very first thing that your wedding guests will see for your wedding. Whether you're taking the do-it-yourself or professionally created route, be sure to consider timings for both to ensure that you're not in for any surprises.

  10. Cake: Always book a tasting session (if only to try cake!) to make sure you and your partner are fully contented with the flavour of your cake.

  11. Hair & Makeup: Book in and trial run for your hair and make up to ensure a more relaxed morning of the wedding.

  12. Groomswear: At this point, it's probably about time that you gave your partner some them-time. Consider this as the right time to finalise what the groom will be wearing, along with their ushers, best man, and your bridesmaids.

  13. Entertainment: You can do this as early or as late as you'd like, just don't leave it too lat.e Think about when you'd like your entertainment during the day. During the ceremony? Cocktail reception? Personal recommendations can come in handy so that you know that you're booking a great act with confidence.

  14. Decorations: You might have been collecting your decorations since day one but, if not, now is a good time to think about all the decor items you'd like to be present. It can be so easy to overspend in this area, so take care! Quality over quantity.

  15. Transport: Have you thought about how you'll be moving from A to B in style? Limo, bus, maybe you want to drive yourself? Choose the option that suits you the best.

  16. Rings: Going down the route of having rings made? Make sure you leave enough time to go through the process of designing and ordering them, ring makers will always be able to give you an estimate of completion - make sure it's before your wedding day!

  17. Loose ends: Naturally, there will be lots of little things that are unique to you and your partners wedding. Cross the i's and dot the t's are you're all set. There's no better feeling than knowing that you have everything under control. Think table plan, order or service, vows, dress pick-up's, etc. Relax as much as you can throughout the day.

When all is said and done, this is your day and that means it's your way, these are just some recommendations that we've experienced over the weddings that we've covered, and participated in! Wishing you the most beautiful of wedding days.


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